Indigo Fire Pottery Studio

60 Concord Ave.
Belmont, MA 02478

Date Posted:
January 14, 2020

Eastern Massachusetts



Indigo Fire Staff

Indigo Fire Pottery Studio is hiring a part-time staff member to help cover weekend shifts.  This would mean covering Saturdays or Sundays depending on the week.  Hours would be flexible.  Covering the studio involves helping students in the studio, assisting customers over the phone or in-person, pugging recycled clay, loading and unloading kilns, grinding pottery and kiln shelves, cleaning, mixing glazes, trimming workshop pieces, and whatever other tasks the studio might require that day!  
Candidates should have experience with pottery.  They need to be flexible and able to adapt to whatever task is most pressing that day.  Working in a pottery studio requires being thoughtful and careful to avoid making mistakes.  A strong back to move clay around helps too.
How To Apply:
Send an email to
Apply by:
February 01, 2020
$14+ depending on age and experience
About this Organization:
Indigo Fire is a teaching pottery studio in Belmont.  We have a thriving community of students who practice here everyday.  We have a small, well-organized space that is bustling with activity and pots.  We fire various stoneware and porcelain clay bodies at cone 6 and make all our glazes in-house.  We offer classes, independent study, private lessons and workshops.