Urbanity Dance

1180 Washington Street Suite #100
Boston, MA 02118

Date Posted:
July 19, 2019

Eastern Massachusetts



Arts Management Internship - Fall 2019


Contact: Stacy Handler, Managing Director, stacy@urbanitydance.org

The intern will work closely with Urbanity's Managing Director, the most senior staff member on the business side of Urbanity, who oversees Development, Marketing, Finance, Operations, and HR. The intern will be connected to all areas of this close-knit organization comprised of individuals and artists who are passionate about Urbanity's mission. The internship will offer a wide-range of practical experience in the field of arts management and a considerable level of responsibility, all of which will be directly transferable to future employment in the field. The Managing Director will work with the intern to design an internship that is the best possible match between Urbanity’s needs and the intern’s skillset.

Projects may include:

  • Working on grant applications

  • Working on fundraising campaigns

  • Researching corporate sponsorship opportunities

  • Planning / execution of fundraising events

  • Supporting Marketing Manager

  • Preparing budgets

  • HR projects


Amazing at: making plans and executing them, going on Google scavenger hunts, being an Internet sleuth, research, writing, spreadsheets

Loves: working behind the scenes, problem-solving, working independently, making an impact, having a clearly defined project

How To Apply:
Email resume and cover letter to Stacy Handler, Managing Director, stacy@urbanitydance.org
Apply by:
September 05, 2019
Unpaid. College credit, additional benefits available
About this Organization:

Urbanity Dance, a Boston-based nonprofit dance organization, is committed to empowering individuals and strengthening diverse communities through dance. We aim to engage people of all ages, backgrounds, and abilities, both in their own communities and in our own studio space, by helping them discover the joy of movement. Our wide range of partnerships with schools, health centers, local arts institutions, enrichment camps, and juvenile detention centers allows us to share quality dance experiences with the Boston community.

Urbanity’s professional Company aspires to push the limits of contemporary dance technique, inspiring audiences with its cutting-edge artistry and startling unpredictability. The Company is dedicated to providing provocative, visually arresting and musically stimulating performances for diverse audiences of all ages.

Multi-sensory works spring from collaborations with composers, visual artists, architects, fashion designers, and light designers. Our dancers are lifelong learners chosen for their sharp adaptability, dancing prowess, and creative vision.

The School at Urbanity offers quality contemporary dance training for students of all ages. Our nurturing classroom environment is designed to encourage a generation of lifelong movers and dance enthusiasts. Company dancers and faculty, all from diverse cultural and dance backgrounds, strive to support each student in his/her dance experience. Urbanity strives to help diverse communities explore the expressive possibilities of movement.

Visit the website for Urbanity Dance:http://www.urbanitydance.org