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Date Posted:
August 09, 2019

Eastern Massachusetts





Mass Cultural Council’s Creative Minds Out-of-School program (CMOST) provides training, free curriculum, and follow-up support to afterschool/out-of-school programs to enable them to bring visual art-learning and artmaking to children grades K-5. Mass Cultural Council’s goal is to provide access to art-making and art-learning for children statewide, thus helping them develop art literacy and 21st century skills to improve their lives and the communities they live in (skills such as creative thinking, self-expression, imagination, innovation, observation, team-work, critical thinking and problem solving). In addition, the program seeks to help afterschool/out-of-school youth workers gain or strengthen skills in providing engaging artmaking and art-learning opportunities for children grades K-5.

For more information on CMOST see:

The Mass Cultural Council seeks a nonprofit entity (“Contractor”) to implement all aspects of CMOST, working with Mass Cultural Council as a partner. The Contractor must have extensive experience providing outreach, training in visual art-based learning for children, and follow-up support services to Massachusetts afterschool/out-of-school programs.

The Contractor will:

  • Implement all aspects of the CMOST program working with Mass Cultural Council as a partner

  • Represent CMOST at professional convenings and meetings of the afterschool/out-of-school sector

  • Conduct outreach to afterschool/out-of-school program providers statewide to promote the CMOST training and curriculum

  • Recruit sites, staff, and program leaders for training and implementation of curriculum

  • Work with Mass Cultural Council to select trainers, develop training, deliver (logistics, promotion, registration, and follow-up) and evaluate trainings

  • Work with Mass Cultural Council to address evaluation findings for continuous program improvement

  • Provide ongoing “help-desk” services for trainees through email, Facebook, and on-site consultations

  • Provide digital and web materials (photos, story content) to Mass Cultural Council as content for Mass Cultural Council’s website and social media to tell how the program is serving Massachusetts constituents, particularly children and organizations serving children.

Pending funding, it is Mass Cultural Council’s expectation that the Contractor will continue in this role in FY21, however, Mass Cultural Council reserves the right to re-advertise the contract.

Property Rights

Final products (training design, evaluations, printed materials, digital and web components) will be the joint property of Mass Cultural Council and Contractor.


Qualified contractors must demonstrate extensive experience and expertise in:

  • The Massachusetts afterschool/out-of-school sector
  • Designing visual art-based afterschool/out-of-school programs for children grades K-5
  • Conducting outreach to community-based programs serving children grades K-5
  • Developing and delivering training in K-5 visual art-based learning to afterschool/out-of-school youth workers
  • Developing and maintaining help-desk support for afterschool/out-of-school youth workers and programs

Criteria for Review

  • Level and quality of relevant experience of assigned personnel
  • Demonstrated ability to achieve this program’s objectives
  • Appropriateness of budget

Contractor Response

Please describe your qualifications and relevant experience to perform the work described, including connections with afterschool/out-of-school sites and experience in visual art learning-based training, program design and help-desk services (4 pages). Include resumes and background information on the qualifications of the specific individuals who would perform this work -- including proposed trainer(s). Provide a detailed FY20 project budget (1 page) and Timeline (1 page).

How To Apply:

Proposals must be received at Mass Cultural Council via email by 11:59 PM, Monday, August 26, 2019. Email proposals to Diane Daily, Program Manager, .

For more information, contact Diane Daily at the email listed above, or at 617-858-2709.

Apply by:
August 26, 2019
$40,000 (Budget)
About this Organization:

The Mass Cultural Council is a state agency that promotes excellence, inclusion, education, and diversity in the arts, humanities, and sciences to foster a rich cultural life for all Massachusetts residents and contributes to the vitality of our communities and economy.

The Council pursues this mission through a wide range of grants, initiatives, and advocacy for artists, communities, organizations, and schools.

We believe in the power of culture. Working through the arts, humanities, and sciences, culture is a dynamic force for enriching communities, growing the economy, increasing accessibility, and fostering individual creativity. Culture is intrinsically valuable and unique in its ability to lift the human spirit.

We recognize the essential role that a rich cultural life plays in communities and the lives of individuals. To invest in our cultural life is to invest in our shared future.

We partner with artists, communities, organizations, and schools to unleash the power of culture across the Commonwealth.