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Creative Collective LLC

265 Essex Street

Suite 205

Salem, MA 01970

(978) 224-8856


Creative Collective is a business program that provides opportunities for small businesses, entrepreneurs, non profits, organizations and individuals that are looking for a more modern and creative approach to business growth and brand awareness. Our partners benefit from our ability to layer services that reach far beyond traditional marketing and business programs. Together we share a vision that thriving arts, culture and creative sectors makes the world a better place and support the sustainability of our communities and businesses. Together we connect creativity, commerce and the community. As a member partner, you contribute to the growing creative economy while enjoying access to the growing Creative North Shore/Creative Collective audiences comprised of culture advocates, creatives, and supporters of the arts community. Who we serve: ARTISTS - CRAFTERS - MAKERS - CREATIVES - DREAMERS - ENTREPRENEURS - INNOVATORS - VISIONARIES - SMALL BUSINESS - MUSEUMS - MUSICIANS - PERFORMERS - CREATIVE INSTITUTIONS - VIDEOGRAPHERS - PHOTOGRAPHERS - MEDIA CREATORS - ACTORS - MUNICIPALITIES - NON PROFITS


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