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VSA Massachusetts

The NonProfit Center

89 South St #101

Boston, MA 02111



 VSA Massachusetts promotes access and inclusion for people with disabilities in arts and culture by providing arts education programs, professional development, exhibitions and community events.  

VSA Massachusetts encourages the inclusion and involvement of people of all abilities in our cultural communities through three core program areas.  The COOL Schools Program(Creative Outlook On Learning) creates partnerships between VSA teaching artists (TAs) classroom teachers, and schools to implement arts-integrated instruction to improve learning and engagement for students of all abilities. The Cultural Inclusion Programs provide training, professional development, and opportunities for collaboration with communities and cultural institutions to improve participation in the arts for people with disabilities, as participants, audiences and creators. The Open Door Gallery provides opportunities for artists with disabilities to display their work in our Boston and Worcester galleries and act as a forum for the community to come together to have important conversations about ability, culture and inclusion.


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