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Castle Square Tenants Organization Inc.

476 Tremont St

Tremont St

Boston, MA 02116



Originally constructed in the 1960’s as a 500-unit multi-family low-income housing complex for 1500 residents in Boston’s South End, the Castle Square complex underwent a change in ownership in 1987, prompting concern by the residents, many of whom had lived there since the beginning, that affordable housing would be eliminated. These dire circumstances prompted a critical need to organize, secure residents’ homes, and ensure the continuity of affordable housing in the area between Boston’s South End and Chinatown. The Castle Square Tenants Organization, Inc. (CSTO) was founded as a 501c3 organization and successfully negotiated long-term affordability for the housing complex. The CSTO mission is to preserve Castle Square Apartments as affordable housing for low and moderate income residents into perpetuity and provide comprehensive community and social supports for residents and the surrounding community. CSTO puts this mission into practice by providing programs that support youth and families in Castle Square and the surrounding neighborhoods of Boston’s South End.


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